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Assorted Yellow Electrical Terminals (260)


Product Information

260 Assorted Yellow Terminals (13 most popular sizes)


 Contents (13 types)
 15 x WT6    (spade 6.3mm)
 15 x WT7    (spade 9.5mm)
 20 x WT13  (spade 6.3mm - insulated)
 30 x WT17  (butt)
 20 x WT49  (ring 4.3mm)
 20 x WT50  (ring 5.3mm)
 30 x WT51  (ring 6.4mm)
 30 x WT52  (ring 8.4mm)
 20 x WT53  (ring 10.5mm)
 10 x WT54  (ring 13.0mm)
 20 x WT60  (male spade/tab)
 15 x WT65  (bullet)
 15 x WT68  (bullet receptacle)


For individual sizes, Search "WT" (for red or blue boxes see AT80 or AT81)

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Product Code: AT82


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